Ornamental Knurling

These sample drawing callouts will yield the most economical results.

Press Fit Knurling

Straight knurling can be used in a press fit assembly to prevent rotation. Tolerances shall be as shown in the following tables.
Unilateral minus tolerances shall be used in all cases.
Tolerances for Press Fit Knurling
Tolerance on
Outside Diameter
After Knurling
Tolerance on Work
Blank Diameter
Before Knurling
64 -.006 -.0020
96 -.005 -.0015
128 -.004 -.0010
160 -.003 -.0005

The hole diameter is equal to the maximum shaft diameter before knurling. A unilateral plus tolerance shall be added.
Hole Tolerances
Diameter of HoleTolerance
.125 to .422 .001
.438 to .609 .0015
.625 to 1.000 .0020

Press Fit Knurling

Sample drawing callout. Only straight knurling is used for this type of assembly.