Part Numbers of Standard Military Hardware, 0 through 3/8

If you can't find it here check out The Fastener Group, Allmetal Screw Products or Federal Screw Products. A good source for commercial hardware would be McMaster Carr.

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This method of searching will yield the exact part number of a fastener: Enter "0-80x1/4pnh" for a number 0 pan head machine screw, 80 threads per inch, 1/4 inch long; "0-flw" for a number 0 flat washer; and "0-80nut" for a number 0 hex nut, 80 threads per inch. See the matrix below for an explanation of the Style Categories. It is important that you specify the exact style to achieve the proper results. If your not sure use the gobal search above.
Category Description Category Description
flh Flat Head Machine Screw lw Split Lock Washer
flw Flat Washer nut Hex Nut
hexc Hex Head Cap Screw pnh Pan Head Machine Screw
hfill High Strength Fillister Head Machine, Screw schd Socket Head Cap Screw
hpnh High Strength Pan Head Machine Screw sflw Reduced O.D. Flat Washer
High Strength Socket Head Cap Screw
slnut Hex Lock Nut, Reduced Across Flats
inlw Internal Tooth Lock Washer snut Hex Nut, Reduced Across Flats
jnut Hex Jam Nut xlw External Tooth Lock Washer
lnut Hex Lock Nut 82xlw Countersunk External Tooth Lock Washer

The following standards are included in this section
MS16995 MS16996 MS21043 MS21044 MS24693 MS25082 MS35307 MS35333 MS35335 MS35336
MS35338 MS35649 MS35650 MS51957 MS51958 MS51959 MS51960 AN3 AND960 NAS620
NAS662 NAS671 NAS1101 NAS1102 NAS1291 NAS1351 NAS1352 NAS1635 NAS1640 NAS8100
NAS8101 NAS8102 NAS8103