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Engineering Resources for Component and Material Research
Alexandria Metal Finishers Alexandria Metal Finishers, Inc. was founded in 1962 to meet the demanding electroplating and anodizing requirements of our country's space program in the field of metal finishing.
Screw Products Corp.
Allmetal was founded in 1929 and quickly became one of the leaders in the manufacture and sale of commercial and military stainless steel fasteners.
Allied Electronics
an Avnet Company.
Allied Electronics, leading the way in the world of electronic component and equipment distribution. Check out their list of participating manufacturers web links.
Metal Finishing Co., Inc.
This company stands out in a field that demands strict adherence to customer requirements in metal plating. Whether you need plating for applications in avionics, optics, communications, countermeasures, controls for the most delicate parts of microprocessors or medical electronics.
Bearings HQ (Headquarters) Bearings HQ from Thomas Publishing provides buyers and specifiers with product information in more than 100 bearings categories such as ball, linear, pillow block, and rotary. Bearings are also grouped by material, application, and special characteristics. The site joins similar portals AdhesivesHQ, MaterialHandlingHQ, and FastenersHQ as a central directory to link to parts suppliers.
Mission: To be the preferred online destination for designers, engineers and manufacturing professionals, where all can quickly find a variety of information to aid in the solution of typical and complex problems.
Electronics Corporation.
For over fifty years, Keystone Electronics has been manufacturing precision electronic interconnect components and hardware, supplying quality products at competitive prices to industry, worldwide.
Manufacturing .net Manufacturing Marketplace, offers industry information, including news and tradeshows, to engineering, design, purchasing, logistics and distribution professionals.
Matweb, a materials
online resource
MatWeb, the FREE materials information database with data on 26,243 materials including metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites.
McMaster Carr McMaster-Carr is a supplier to industrial and large commercial facilities worldwide specializing in quick and accurate delivery of maintenance materials and supplies.
Metal Surfaces, Inc Metal Surfaces, Inc (MSI) is a leading provider of Engineering Plating Services.
Time Electronics
an Avnet Company
Time Electronics is a world-leading distributor of Interconnect, Passive, and Electromechanical products.
Thomas Register
of American Manufacturers
Thomas Register on the Internet is pleased to offer access to their enormous database of industrial information.
NASA Parts Selection List
Includes Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical (EEE) Parts and Advanced Interconnect Technologies .

Government and ANSI Accredited Industry Standards
Copies of DoD Military Standards and adopted non-Government Standards are available through the
DoD Single Stock Point, Standardization Documents Order Desk, or from the sponsoring Industry organizations listed below.
ANSI American National Standards Institute. Example standard "ANSI B4.1", Preferred Limits and Fits for Cylindrical Parts.
ARINC Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated. (non ANSI accredited) Example specification "ARINC 404A", Air Transport Equipment Cases and Racking.
AIA/NAS Aerospace Industry Associations/National Aerospace Standards. Example standard "NAS620", Washer, Flat, Reduced O.D.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Example standard "ASME Y14.24", Types and Applications of Engineering Drawings.
ASTM American Society For Testing and Materials. Example specification "ASTM 967"(A967), Chemical Passivation Treatments for Stainless Steel Parts. Search
AWS American Welding Society. Reference standard ANSI/AWS A2.4, Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing and Nondestructive Examination
DSCC Defense Supply Center, Columbus Index of DSCC Mil Specs and Drawings.
DODSSP Department of Defense Single Stock Point for Specifications and Standards, was created to centralize the control, distribution, and access to the extensive collection of Military Specifications, Standards, and related standardization documents either prepared by or adopted by the DoD.
DSP Defense Standardization Program. Online Documents (Specs & Standards on the Web)
EIA Electronic Industries Alliance. Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), EIA provides a forum for industry to develop standards and publications in four major technical areas: electronic components, consumer electronics, electronic information, and telecommunications.
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Example standard "ANSI/IEEE Std 200", Reference Designations for Electrical and Electronic Drawings and Associated Documents. IEEE/Xplore
Institute for Interconnection and Packaging Electronic Circuits. Example standard "ANSI/IPC-D-275", Design Standards for Rigid Printed Board and Rigid Board Assemblies.
NEPP Nasa Electronic Parts Program provides a single common structure for the generation of electronic parts and packaging technology information that is broadly applicable. Without this single common structure, a random scattering of unique application evaluations of small packets of the technology would result..
ISO International Organization for Standardization.
NSSN National Standards Systems Network (old name)
A Resource for Global Standards (new name) A free online information service providing access to bibliographic information for more than 225,000 approved standards.
SAE/AMS Society of Automotive Engineers/Aerospace Materials Specifications.

Other Interesting Links
IHS Information Handling Services (IHS) is the world's largest single source of engineering, technical and regulatory information.
Stinet Scientific and Technical Information Network. This service helps the DoD community access pertinent scientific and technical information to meet mission needs more effectively. Online specs
Patent Office United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent Full-Text and Full-Page Image Databases.
Google Patent Search over 7 million patents. A little easier to use than the US Patent Office site.
Babel Fish Translation AltaVista language transaltor Translates phrases, words or entire websites.

Cots Journal
This publication is an essential tool for anyone designing with cots parts.
Connector Specifier
An excellent resource for anyone with connector or interconnect problems.

Weights and Measures
The Virtual Reference Desk
by Christopher C. Brown.
Entries for Weights and Measures. You don't want to do without this Megaconverter.
Online Conversion All Length and Distance Conversions.